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Clearance in Helsingør is starting up again

Granatfund i Helsingør

Damasec Mine Action Systems clearance teams is once again active at the construction site for Helsingørs future stadium on Gl. Hellebækvej, where the grenades continue to emerge from the ground adding consequences to the construction project.

View the article in Helsingør newspaper: Stadium project put to stop again. New findings of grenades on construction site 13th of September 2018.

The Video here shows a pile of the grenades that the Damasec clearance teams have dug from the ground.

Link for the video

Clearance of old grenades are a well know task for the Damasec Clearance Staff.

Clearance of old grenades in connection with construction work on / near new / old shooting terrains is a well-known case for Damasec Mine Action and our ammunition clearance staff.

Even though the grenades lie buried and hidden in the soil for many years – up to 100 years – they are still “dangerous” to third parties when they are handled either by excavation, boreholes, etc.

Ammunition clearance technicians who have experience with searching for the grenades using special equipment, identification, risk assessments and finally handling / destruction of these grenades are needed at site.

The Damasec Mine Action team has many years of experience from home and abroad with searching and clearance of shooting terrains, former battle areas, mine fields and left behind IEDD’s. Damasec Mine Action is currently working on projects in Scandinavia, Africa, and the Middle East.

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