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About Damasec Mine Action Systems

Damasec Mine Action Systems har more than 20 years of experience from Scandinavia and the hotspots of the world. We are a part of Damasec Global Group. It is in our DNA that mistakes cost lives. That’s why we do things right the first time.

Damasec guarantees that all projects are performed in accordance with applicable standards and that our work undergoes extensive internal quality controls.

Vi tilbyder et unikt kortlægningssystem til registrering af mulige OXA-indikationer, der giver kunden fuld gennemsigtighed, og at systemet tilbyder en strømlining af clearingmetoden.

Damasec Global Group

Damasec Global Group is the preferred supplier to an array of international organisations, governmental organisations, governments, authorities, councils, and private customers worldwide.

Mine Action Systems

Damasec Mine Action Systems is the leading commercial munitions and mine clearance contractor in Denmark with international experience.

Defence Systems

Damasec Defence Systems supplies hardware, equipment, and solutions for Defense, law enforcement, international organisations, and authorities.

Physical Protection Systems

Damasec Physical Protection Systems are specialists in perimeter protection, security, and protection solutions, including hostile vehicle mitigation.

Traffic Systems

Damasec Traffic Systems is exclusive distributor of market-leading and innovative traffic modules used in many of the largest European cities.

Event Systems

Damasec Event Systems is a complete solutions provider of hardware, equipment, and services for events – including physical protection advisory, guidance, and personnel.

Damasec Global Group

Damasec Global Group was founded by leading specialists with experience from operations in the world’s most dangerous hotspots.









Meet ourteam

Damasecs has an experienced mine and ammunition clearance team. Our teams receive ongoing training and education. Of course, we also comply with the UN ‘code of conduct’ and the ‘Global Compact’.


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