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Clearance of mines and ammunition from the Second World War in Esbjerg, Denmark

Minerydning i Esbjerg

Damasec’s ammunition- and mine clearance teams have gone to Esbjerg

Clearance of old mines and grenades from the 2nd World War is a well-known operation for Damasec’s teams in connection with construction work in contaminated areas or in decommissioned shooting terrains.

Despite that the mines and grenades have been hidden in the ground for many years, some up to +100 years, the objects (UXO) still pose a serious threat when mechanical construction work need to be performed in the area.

Therefore, trained, and competent EOD staff with experience within specialist demining equipment such as mine detectors, GPS and GIS is needed to perform identification of the UXO, threat assessment and render safe of the grenade.

Damasec Mine Action Systems has many years of experience nationally and internationally with clearance projects. Damasec Mine Action currently operates in Scandinavia, Africa, and the Middle East.

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