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We have experience from
the hotspots of the world

Damasec Mine Action Systems is a leading supplier of ammunition and mine action operations.

Damasec Mine Action Systems performs clearance operations in accordance with the International Mine Action standards (IMAS).

The team behind Damasec Mine Action Systems has completed, assisted in, and supplied to ammunitions and mine action projects in several parts of the world, including Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Iraq, Angola, Afghanistan, Albania, Bosnia, Cambodia, Croatia, Iraq, Kosovo, Mali, Somalia, Turkey, Kuwait, United Kingdom, Ukraine and Lebanon.

+20 years of experience from Scandinavia and the hotspots of the world.

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We aim for the highest quality

Damasec Mine Action Systems is ISO 9001/2015 (Quality) and ISO 14001/2015 (Environmental) certified and has many years of experience in delivering clearance projects in restrictive environments, such as nature reserves and EU NATURE 2000 areas.

Professionel consultancy

Through our knowledge and experience, we create security, and safety followed by a high degree of quality.

Training of our teams

At Damasec Global Group we capacity build our staff on an ongoing basis through training and educational programs.

Turnkey provider and partnerships

We work as a full-service provider, as a contractor, subcontractor or partner to government, humanitarian organisations, companies, and local mine action organisations.

This is how
we can help your

The Damasec ammunition and mine action clearance team is ready to assist you with clearance projects which is carried out in accordance with the International Mine and Ammunition Clearance Standards (IMAS).


Clearance of shooting- and training terrains and construction sites

We turn former shooting- and training terrains into areas that can be used for e.g. construction sites or recreational areas.

Minerydning vestkysten

Demining, mapping and documentation

Our tasks include demining, GIS mapping, documentation and marking of contaminated areas.


Improvised Explosive Device Disposal

Damasec Mine Action Systems delivers resources and performs IEDD projects around the world.

Geografisk Infomations System

Geographic Information System

We offer a specialised mapping and documentation system for clearance projects worldwide.


Quality management

We deliver a complete quality management system that ensures efficient quality management in accordance with IMAS.

Eksplosivt affald

Explosive waste / chemicals

We handle the disposal of explosive chemicals, fireworks, pyrotechnics, or ammunition.


What others say about us

Damasec Mine Action has experience from hotspots such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Mali, Ukraine, and Libya. One of our signature projects is the clearing of the last registered minefield ‘SKALLINGEN MINE SPERRE’ in Denmark featured as a relevant lesson learned training in the training catalogue of Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining.

Clearance of unexploded

ammunition in Sweden

Damasec Mine Action ammunitions clearance teams on a project in the former shooting terrain of Myran shooting range in 2013.

Get insight into selected projects

Damasec Mine Actions’ ammunition and demining team is on duty on both the West Coast, in Oerestad, Sweden and in the hotspots of the world. See selected projects here.


Hotspots of the world

It is in our DNA
that mistakes cost lives

That’s why we do things right the first time. Damasec Mine Action has experience from the world’s hotspots such as Afghanistan, Iraq and Angola.

20 +

years of experience

500000 +

grenades cleared

14 +


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