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Clearance of former shooting- and training terrains and construction sites

Clearance of former shooting- and training terrains and construction sites

Rydning af ammunition på byggepladser
Mine action Damasec

We create the foundation for construction sites and recreational areas

Damasec Mine Action Systems is the leading commercial ammunitions and mine action contractor in Scandinavia with more than 20 years of experience in carrying out mine action projects.

We turn old shooting terrains into areas that in the future will be used for civilian use, construction sites or recreational areas.

Damasec Mine Action Systems performs mine action on:

  • former military and / or civilian firing ranges
  • landfills with explosive contents
  • former storage facilities for ammunition and explosives
  • clearing ammunition from World War II with the best, environmentally friendly and pragmatic solutions.

Performs projects with a high level of quality

Damasec Mine Action Systems uses equipment and concepts of the highest quality.

Magnetometer systems, data loggers, multi arrays and the use of advanced mine- and metal detectors, armored excavators, maps and a transparent documentation system and drone technologies are part of the complete equipment package that enables Damasec Mine Action Systems to carry out all projects with an extremely high level og quality.

Advanced mapping and documentation

Damasec Mine Action Systems’ mapping and documentation system for clearing old / former shooting terrains is one of the most advanced in the world and helps to remove and document all potential mines and unexploded ordnance (UXOs) in accordance with the relevant customer requirements and quality standards.

This makes internal quality assurance (QA) an ongoing and dynamic process. In addition, external quality control (QC) and customers have access to daily monitoring of the progress and status of the project.

Damasec focuses on the highest quality

With a background from the world’s hotspots, we focus on doing things right the first time.

Our DNA is security

The foundation of Damasec Global Group is security. Our specialists have a broad experience from defense operations and are security cleared by the Danish Defense Intelligence Service.

Training of our team

At Damasec Mine Action, we continuously build the capacity of our teams through training and education.

Effective project management

At Damasec Mine Action Systems, we have extensive experience with project management. Our team both advise and perform and make sure to support you all the way.

Supplier to the UN and governments

We are part of the Damasec Global Group with 100% support from a team that is suppliers to authorities, governments, Police, and international organizations including UN, Governments, Defence procurement organisations, NGO’s and private companies.