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Explosive waste / chemicals

Explosive waste / chemicals

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Vast expertise in disposal of explosive waste

Damasec Mine Action Systems handles the disposal of explosive chemicals, fireworks, pyrotechnics, or ammunition.

Damasec Mine Action Systems has experienced personnel, transport and storage capacity for evaluation, collection, transport and neutralization of explosives and peroxides.

We have many years of experience, expertise, and specialised competencies to help Danish companies that work with peroxides, which become sensitive over time and pose a risk to the staff and the facilities of the company.

If you want help with peroxides, contact us here.

Disposal of fireworks, pyrotechnics, and ammunition

If you need disposal of fireworks, pyrotechnics, and ammunition, or just advice and guidance, Damasec Mine Action Systems can help you.

We pick up and dispose of fireworks, pyrotechnics, and ammunition in accordance with current legislation. All destruction / disposal is documented, and documents are delivered in accordance with ISO 14001.

Damasec Mine Action Systems provides advice on storage and procedures for:

  • Receipt
  • Storage
  • Disposal
  • Fire
  • Theft protection

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Why we should be your first choice.

Damasec Mine Action System helps you all the way to the finish line.

Leading contractor

Damasec Mine Action Systems are the leading commercial ammunition and mine action contractor in Denmark.

Turnkey supplier

We work as a turnkey supplier, main contractor, subcontractor or enter into partnerships.

We do things right the first time

It is in our DNA that mistakes cost lives. That is why we take responsibility for doing things right the first time around.

High quality

We do not compromise. Damasec Mine Action Systems uses equipment and concepts of the highest quality.