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Clearance of up to 300 years old unexploded ammunition in Ørestaden, Copenhagen

Ammunitionsrydning Ørestaden

Since the beginning of the 1840s, Ørestaden has been an old military training ground. Damasec Mine Action still finds unexploded ordnance.

Damasec Mine Action Systems teams has over the years searched, secured, and removed unexploded grenades and landmines in many countries worldwide. This does however not mean that there are no more unexploded grenades and landmines in Denmark.

In connection with construction projects in Ørestaden, a rapidly expanding housing area on Amager island in the outskirt of Copenhagen we almost daily have Mine Action Teams searching the southern part of the area of Amager.

Old military shooting terrain in Ørestaden

The areas in Ørestaden and the surrounding territory on Amager Fælled has been used for military shooting exercises from the beginning of 1840’s to 1965 where the area was decommissioned and only small caliber shooting ranges were kept.

Throughout this long period of time various types and forms of cannons were tested and exercised with weapon specific ammunition and the target area for the cannons situated at Artillerivej were right in the center of Ørestaden.

This means that still today everything from cannon balls of various sizes to more modern ammunition and grenades are found in the area. Common for the unexploded ordnances are they still today are intact and active, especially if handled where the object is exposed to blows and shocks. The ammunition lies well protected in ground, but simple construction work can trigger an unintentional detonation.

+30 years of experience with handling ammunition

Damasec Mine Action clearance staff has 30+ years of experience in identifying, handling, securing and disposal of all types of ammunition found in Ørestaden and on Amager Fælled, and we therefore assist builders, geotechnical companies and contractors with searching and clearance every day, so the companies can perform the construction contracts without risk of activating the old unexploded ordnance at any drilling / excavation work.

In the picture above you can see cannonballs, 25 cm grenade card box, 12 cm grenades and experimental ammunition, which is a wide selection of the many types that are found in the ground and which all still have content that is intact, and therefore can detonate by impact / shock / handling, even after the many years they have been burried in the ground.

This work is expected to continue for some years to come until Amager is rid of unexploded ordnances.

Contact us if you want to hear more about the projects we perform in our Mine Action Teams.

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