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150 mines and remains from mines found in DK

Project details

Damasec Mine Action has in collaboration with JJensen Group been in the process of clearing over 150 mines and remains from mines on Skallingen situated on the West Coast of Denmark. 

Electronic search equipment has mapped the area. Via GPS equipment, you can regulate how deep and in which direction to you need to dig to find the mines. The work was then carried out by armored excavators digging two meters of sand from the dunes on the lower end of Skallingen area. The sand is thrown on two sorting plants, which separate clean sand and piles with larger items which in the next step are searched for mines.

Local Danish newspaper:

JydskeVestkysten: Højteknologi og pansrede gravemaskiner rydder Skallingen for de sidste miner (17. aug.2010)


  • Kategori Clearance of mines
  • Location Denmark
  • Year 2010