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Clearance of a decommissioned shooting terrain

Project details

Together with Envytech, Damasec Mine Action Systems is in the process of carrying out search and clearance work on Södermanland’s former training and shooting range in Vansö, Sweden. This is done on behalf of Strängnäs Municipality, which has plans for a camping site in the beautiful nature area.

The work includes search for and clearance of unexploded ordnance (UXO) on 30 hectares, which is still buried in the ground after military has usage of the area as a training ground for several years.

Unexploded ordnance can be a danger for people living in the area, but also in the event of a forest fire.

Article from Swedish newspaper – click on newspaper:

Ammunitionsrydning Vansö

  • Project Clearance of ammunition
  • Client Strängnäs Kommune
  • Location Vansö, Sweden
  • Year 2021