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Clearance of Munition in Orestaden and on Amager Field

Project details

The Armed Forces’ munitions clearance staff and Damasec remove old grenades and cannonballs in Orestaden and on Amager Field.

The Armed Forces is contractually obliged to carry out munition’s clearance in Ørestaden in step with the development of the area. However, it is a large task, and therefore the Armed Forces has for several years had a collaboration with Damasec, as we have extensive experience with this type of task.

In collaboration with the Armed Forces’ munitions clearance staff, Damasec has for several years cleared Orestaden and Amager Field from old grenades and cannonballs.

For 300 years, cannons have been fired at Amager. Therefore, the clearance after the many cannonballs shot into the area is a major work that has been going on for decades.

The clearance of Orestaden therefore does not mean that all munition remains have been removed from Amager. According to a forecast for Orestaden, it is believed that the munitions clearance will continue until 2030. However, it depends on how quickly the area is taken into use and therefore needed to be cleared.

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  • Client The Armed Forces
  • Location Ørestaden, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Year 2014-2021